Autumn in Alsace


When the summer ends and the days get shorter, the Alsace wears shimmering dresses, between red and gold.

Often called the “arrière saison”, the autumn is however a fully season with its own specificities, and this is even more real in the land of storks.


Legends and traditions

As a land of traditions, the Alsace counts numerous customs and stories. Throughout the region, the localities are full of life and celebrate the wine and the end of the grape-harvesting time. You will have the possibility to taste Alsatian wine with bread and nuts. And if you wish, why don’t you try to grape-piking before a well-deserved tasting?
Credit: G. THOMAS

This is also the time of the year when we kill the pig, for the traditional pork products of the Saint-Martin.


Nights are getting longer, accompanied with a bitter coldand the return of the souls is encouraged.
Then, to keep the dialogue with their dead ones, the village communities used all kind of rites and traditions. Therefore, it was not Halloween pumpkins that were dogged and lighted, but “mangel-wurzel” beetroot!

According to the Alsatian tradition, these lights used to light the path prepared for the saint Nicholas’ donkey, because here, it is not the Santa Claus who brings the presents but Saint Nicholas.

You may know this region in the summer, or for its Christmas holidays and its well-known markets. But is it also the case for the diverse autumn celebrations and traditions?
(Crédit photo: G. THOMAS)
Alsatian nature
The autumn also gets closer to the nature. Travel through the countryside, forests and the vineyards of Alsace as you wish, in order to enjoy the harmony between the sun and fresh breezes.

Enjoy the ballet of the leafs who ripple in a last dance before spring comes back.
If you keep your ears open, you may hear perhaps the squall of the deer.